There has been a gradual growth in the need and awareness to promote local foods, traditional gastronomy and food production. Indirectly, this trend has been largely in opposition to the values and impact of fast food and mass consumption through industrial food production.


I was surfing through Facebook around a month ago and came across numerous posts from my friends that read, “So and so is going to an event” and the event’s name was “World on a plate”. The first couple of posts I just ignored and kept scrolling but then suddenly something caught my eye. I went on to the Events Page and shrieked out of excitement. On the cover of that page was a picture of George, Matt and Gary, the three most iconic celebrity chefs who are the judges for MasterChef Australia. I immediately thought to myself that I have to go for this and meet these inspirational chefs…

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What do students really want?


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Ecolians make it to the Semi-Finals at the Acoor Take Off Challenge 2016 for the third consecutive year!


It has been argued that high rates of education are essential for countries to be able to achieve high levels of economic growth.