Three different minds, one dynamic team!
When a scholar, a street smart and a visionary come together, sparks are bound to fly and flames are bound to erupt.
These three distinct minds embarked on a journey that could perhaps change the way the world looks at restaurants in the future.
With the help of Accor, who provided a fantastic platform, Aakash, Jai and I are excited to announce that we have reached the semi finals of the Accor Take off 2016.
Having three people with three very different perspectives working together on one concept is a whole challenge in itself. But, either by a miracle or very smart strategizing, we have been able to push our minds and ourselves right up to the brim.
Clashes in ideas are bound to happen. But we have risen above them, taken in all the three perspectives to make one kickass project.
When we first started discussing our concept, we were extremely scared. Our idea wasn’t moving forward. It was just building up without any clarity. However, as time passed, our concepts became clearer, neater and refined.
There were challenges right from the start. The only time the three of us found to work on the concept was in the night. We spent countless sleepless nights working and then attending college next morning, or at least tried to attend.
By the deadline day, we were supremely confident about our project, and knew the votes would come as well. Boy, I wish we knew what we were in for……
Let’s fast-forward to the three days since voting started. We had fallen waaaaaay behind in terms of votes.
We didn’t know why. Was it because of unclear instructions? Was it because of not nagging people enough? We couldn’t get our head around it.
At this point of time, one of our team members, Aakash, had to rush back home due to ill health. With him completely out of the picture, I had a sinking feeling that we won’t even make top 50.
I remember walking up to Jai multiple times and saying, “Jai, what are we going to do?” And he kept saying the same thing. “Don’t worry, give it time and we’ll get there.”
On this note, I would like to thank Jai and Aakash for always encouraging me and lifting my spirits. Thank you both for getting us this far and hopefully we reach the summit.
As the days ticked by, the votes didn’t and my anxiety did.
Then. One evening, something beautiful happened. I got a call from Jai. “Ammar, get ready for it”
Our vote skyrocketed from 120 to 300 in one night.
The next night it leapfrogged from 300 to 450.
I was constantly on my phone, checking, waiting. At this point of time, I fell extremely sick myself and was back home in Bangalore.
My family and I rejoiced together as we were in the top 4.
The next evening we jumped again to 600 and were second on the charts.
I would often open the page, maybe every half an hour, no longer hoping the votes increase, but just marveling at the site of our team being the top.
It gave me happiness beyond measure. I’m sure everyone has those moments where you’re so happy that you can’t express yourself in words or in writing. It’s this beautiful inner energy that just flows through you, in your blood and you know from within that it’s just pure happiness.
Let’s fast-forward a bit more. Voting had closed. We were anxiously waiting for the top 50 to be reduced to 15 and see if our concept was part of it or not.
And when the results came out, we had made it!!
It just goes to show how important hard work and dedication is. There’s no substitute for it.
Our mentality changed over time as well. Now it’s no longer about winning, that’s secondary stuff.
Now we have reached a mental point where we are so much in love with our idea that we want Accor to actually use this in the future.
Our priority now is not winning, but revolutionizing. Revolutionizing the way restaurants look in the future. We now want to be an integral part of the big picture.
To conclude, I just want to thank everyone who’ve supported and voted for us. A special thanks to my wonderful college, Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa for making us who we are and helping us unlock our full potential.