In line with the learning philosophy at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa, Student committees are entrusted to assist the operational team with the day to day operational business at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa. There are currently six committees each with a distinct set of responsibilities and roles through which the students at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa put what they have learnt into practice. Further, such activities also help students gain credits.


Zoom Club

The trekking club of Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa creates the spirit of adventure, provides an opportunity to be close to nature, channelizes your energy in the right direction and builds your character by sharing a good camaraderie. It enhances team spirit and therein creates leaders.

Trekking Club

A photograph can speak a thousand words. Lavasa, set in the mountainous terrain of the magnificent Sahyadri is the perfect destination for a photography enthusiast or for an amateur to take up photography as a hobby. It provides an ideal landscape to explore the creative side.

Art & Drama Club

Art is the medium of human expression and encompasses the five senses. It gives a deeper understanding and allows the human mind to portray tangibility to itself. At Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa, you are encouraged to bring out your latent talents. Painting, sculpting, cartooning, drama and dance are some of the avenues continuously explored. Each one of you is encouraged to come up with creative ideas and maintain a portfolio of your work to be showcased at the end of the academic year.


This committee is the face of Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa as it represents the institute at various fairs and PR events. They are the Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa brand ambassadors who speak to various internal and external stakeholders on multiple online and offline forums. They also support the student admissions team through the Marketing and Admissions process.


This committee comprises of our students who are guided and supervised by our IT team. These students assist the faculty with cloud based issues, oversee the Library and study space management. They are responsible for collating the data base of the new batches and the ones that have graduated.


This committee helps our students to gain a hands-on practical experience of co-ordinating with third party vendors. This enhances their leadership skills and also teaches them to cope better in a crisis situation. They are responsible for the maintenance and housekeeping of both the Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa campus and the residential facilities. This committee, like all others, is faculty supervised and student led.


The student committee responsible for this department actively participates and manages the financial, HR and administration functions. Setting up of cost centers at various kitchens and monitoring them, planning and delivering outlet menus and even catering to event planning and delivery are a few of the functions which the students undertake. Each department is considered as an individual business unit and the students are responsible for making this business unit profitable and keeping it operational. Beyond the financial aspect of this business unit, the students also handle the manpower and resource allocation, scheduling and other HR based functions which are essential to run any business. The documentation and record keeping, which is an essential back office function, is also handled by the students. Each department is responsible for sharing their vertical trends and insights with the other committees which promotes sharing of experiential learning and coordination.



This committee works in close proximity with the Admissions and Marketing department supporting them throughout the year with the development and execution of event schedules. The students also support other committees before and during events through Marketing, Financial Management and Operations.


This committee is responsible for handling a revenue unit which works in collaboration with the culinary committee. The functions handled by this committee include areas such as setting up revenue centres like Coffee Bar, Pastry shops amongst others and manage the front area of the restaurant. Like the culinary committee they too are responsible for multiple HR roles like manpower handling and resource management. The documentation and record keeping is also an important function of the committee. Similar to the culinary committee, the F&B committee is also responsible for sharing industry trends and insights with the other committees and students.