Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa takes pride in shaping some of the most promising young talent; who have gone on to build illustrious careers in the field of hospitality. We take this opportunity to share some of the success stories of our Ecolians.

Tahrana Pirozmand
“Ecole for me is a roller coaster ride that will take you places professionally by transforming you from what you were when you joined to what you become when you graduate. All I did was buckled up and enjoyed the ride. Ecole is what it is because of the amazing unique faculty, diverse students and serene environment. Emotions are bittersweet now as I part with Ecole towards my future endeavours but couldn’t be more fortunate to have been here; as it not only channelized my potential towards my career but also transformed me into a mature and better me.”

Chaitanya Adgaonkar
“Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa has played a tremendous role in my professional and personal development. At Ecole, there is a perfect symbiosis of academics and hands-on learning and it has equipped me to handle the challenges of the dynamic hospitality industry. Working with the latest equipment, new methods of learning and student driven course work provides the students of Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa a big edge. Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa above all, instills great values in its students so they become responsible leaders of the future.”

Nikhil Advani
“Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa has given me one of the most challenging and memorable roller coasters of my life. It has helped me transform from a teenager just out of high school to a thorough hospitality professional. Apart from all the theoretical knowledge, it has also exposed me to various hands on experiences and two core internships. It has not only taught me hospitality, but a way of life. I will be forever indebted to Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa for who I am and who I will become. The very reason I chose hospitality was because it gives you an opportunity to travel the world and meet new people while at work. I wish to start working in the sales and marketing department in a hotel in Dubai and eventually travel the world with the same company to explore various parts of the world, experience cultures and share varied experiences. I eventually plan to start my own chain of restaurants incorporating the experience I have gathered with my hospitality experience in various countries , to come back to my country and create a niche”.

Jennifer D’souza
“A question asked in one of the group discussions ‘what matters, college name? or the course the college is offering?’ at the time I was uncertain, but I answered “they both go hand in hand and complement each other’. Ecole has not only changed the perspective of hospitality management, but also revolutionised it. 4 years ago I would have never thought I could have been moulded into what I am today. This place has left me with so many joyful memories, it has taught me how to be a better person to others and to myself. I aspire to work with a reputable brand and eventually startup my own venture in the hospitality industry. I would like to thank my facilitators for always telling me to free my mind and spread those wings, as the sky is the limit. Lavasa maybe a holiday destination to some, but to me.. It’s where my life began.”

Sarabpal Bami
“Four years of my life spent in Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa have contributed immensely to the development of my thinking, personality and a hands on experience in various fields of hospitality. One thing that I will cherish the most is representing my college at the Young Hoteliers Summit in Beijing. Now, at the threshold of my career, I am joining The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla to get a wider exposure of the industry”.

Ayesha Kutar
“I will never forget my time at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa. I have such fond memories that will last forever. The bridge at night where I would watch the stars and all my friends with whom I studied and with whom I grew as a person and as a professional. Every one of them is a lasting memory and every one of them I will treasure for the rest of my life. I now work at the Royal Retreat in Udaipur and I thank all at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa for helping me in my journey to become a true hospitality professional. I have successfully set up a thriving Sales and Marketing Department at the Royal Retreat and am grateful to Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa in setting me up for bright and beautiful future career.”

Nisha Singh
“It all started on a rainy day. It was the perfect clichéd beginning for a freshman on her first day of college. After being enthralled by the suave and sophisticated seniors who took us novices through the orientation, it was then that I knew I was in the right place doing something that was an essential part of my heritage and me. Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa changed me for the better. Be it because of our facilitators who went out of their way to nurture us academically and otherwise or interacting with a diverse student body. I graduate not only as student but also as a professional and will take forward my erudition with the knowledge that I have been equipped to handle all that life throws my way. My advice to my juniors and future students is that you are your greatest strength and don’t ever forget it”.

Shubham Jain
“Throughout my four years at Lavasa, I was never devoid of that awesome feeling. Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa has played a big part in remaining awe struck and awesome. The people I have met, the things I have learnt, the work I accomplished, have all ensured that I have never been devoid of that particular feeling. Ecole helped me develop a new way to see the world. It prepared me of what was expected of me and what I could expect from the world. Lastly, it helped me cultivate friendships that I am sure will last me my lifetime. So Ecole has not been just a place for me to learn hospitality, but in fact it has been a place where I have matured into far more than just a hospitality professional.”

Freya Kerawala
“Ecole has played a big role in the development of my professional and personal life. It is a great starting point for those with a passion for the industry. The course’s contemporary, real world, hands on approach will set you up not only for a managerial role in the Hospitality Industry, but for any industry you chose in the long run”.

Luvin Paryani
“I would definitely recommend students to train at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa. Whatever I am today, I owe most of it to the four years I spent there. I am a very practical and hands-on person. I like doing things and like getting my hands dirty and Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa is all about the hands-on experiences. I always aspired to own a chocolate factory. I went about my career path in the same way. At Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa I obtained a holistic view of the food manufacturing business where I learnt all about operations, accounting, financial management, human resources, etc.”

Sanjana Agarwal
“Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa has played an outstanding role in my academic and career development. It has provided me with the balance of academic knowledge and industrial experience which has helped me secure a position as a Corporate leadership trainee at Hyatt Regency, Pune. The 4 years that I have spent here have transformed me into a hospitality professional and I now feel ready to take up the challenges of the dynamic hospitality world. I would definitely recommend all my friends who wish to be future hospitality leaders to join Ecole and explore their potential”.

Siddharth Bhole
“Graduating from a premier institute like Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa is one of the proudest moments of my life. I am confident that my time spent at Ecole will give me the confidence and knowledge to help me face the challenges of the future. The next step in my journey takes me to Glion Institute of Higher Education, London. My decision to pursue an additional year of education was a combination of timely research and adequate mentoring by the qualified and professional facilitators at Ecole. As I contemplate and review my last four years at Ecole, I am excited for my batch mates as we all start out on our own journeys. I am certain we shall make the college proud and I look forward to all of us making a mark in the industry”.

Nirmitee Mehta
“Studying at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa was the best decision I could have made. It set me up perfectly to join my thriving family business – a restaurant chain called ‘Little Italy’ – where I am now in charge of the marketing function. My studies at Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa gave me the perfect combination of a solid academic foundation as well as practical experience that I feel has set me up for life. It gave me the appetite not only to work hard but also to study hard; and I now plan to work in the family business for a year before following my next dream which is to pursue a Masters degree. One of my most memorable experiences as a student was my trip to Switzerland where I represented Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa and was part of the winning team, at the Young Hoteliers Summit which took place at École hôtelière de Lausanne. I was also the Valedictorian for the batch of 2015 which was an absolute honour and a memory that I will always treasure. Thank you to Ecole Hoteliere at Lavasa for making my dreams come true.”

Ayussh Kukreja
“4 years later, Ecole has provided me with all the support, education and happiness I could have asked for. Lavasa has been my home for the last few years and what I would like to take away from this beautiful experience is the memories we shared and lessons we learnt, both within and outside the walls of our one-of-a-kind college. I’m so happy and fortunate today that I can say Ecole has prepared me for the real world and given me the strength to reach all my goals and fight through all the hard times I will face. I will go back to my family business as Director of Sales and I would like to give all the credits to Ecole. Thank you”.